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About Us

TORK NUTRIGO PRIVATE LIMITED is a Basuham-based firm offering a wide range of soft drinks under the brand name TORK. Our range of soft drinks includes Indian traditional carbonated drinks such as Tork Juicy Jeera, Tork Fresh Orange, Tork Cola Blast, Tork Lemon Lime, Tork Lemon Fizz, Tork Mango Munch, and customized exotic carbonated drinks like Tork Raspberry, Tork Ice Cream Soda, Tork Fizzy Apple, Tork Premium Energy Drink, Tork Premium Sparkling Water, Tork Lime Mint Cooler, Tork Lemon Rose Mint, Tork Orange Cola, Tork Pineapple Mint, and much more.
"We are known for our refreshing and unique taste, delicious flavors, and high-purity certified ingredients. Our carbonated drinks are made by trained food technologists using quality-assured ingredients from the world's best manufacturers. In the manufacturing process, we do not use harmful chemicals, solvents, or artificial sweeteners."
"Our fully automatic packing machinery packs carefully to provide protection against dust, moisture, and external factors. Not only this, our quality control team conducts stringent checks on these soft drinks according to the high standard parameters of the beverages industry. Due to their superior quality and unique taste, our drinks are increasing in popularity day by day."
"Our main objective is customer satisfaction and providing value for money products, which we achieve by offering precisely prepared drinks at cost-effective rates. In addition to product quality, our marketing techniques, client-centric policies, and transparent dealings have also made us one of the most unique names in the market."
"Since our establishment, we have been foraying into new markets and continuously growing. We are looking for individuals or organizations intending to become city-level distributors of our company. This is an ideal opportunity for those looking to establish a foothold in the food and beverages sector."

Our Vision

We aim to create products with unique tastes and homegrown blends to delight our customers and help them relate. We want to focus on both cities and villages so that our products reach every individual.

Quality & Food Safety Policy

" We aim to create products with unique tastes and homegrown blends to delight our customers and help them relate. We want to focus on both cities and villages so that our products reach every individual".

"TORK NUTRIGO PRIVATE LIMITED processes and fills carbonated soft drinks and fruit juices into PET bottles."
"We are committed to becoming the nation's leading beverage processing company by satisfying applicable quality, food safety, statutory, and regulatory requirements, as well as mutually agreed customer requirements related to food safety, and by continually improving our quality and food safety management systems."

This shall be achieved by:

  • Quality and food safety improvement programs that emphasize continual improvements.
  • Validate the effectiveness of the food safety management systems through internal and external audit processes recognized by the National Standards Organization.
  • Competent, dedicated, and proactive teams with all operational personnel aware of their responsibilities for quality and food safety, and appropriately trained, motivated, and involved.
  • Actively pursue customer-oriented activities to ensure customer focus and meet all customer quality and food safety requirements.
  • Fully committed to ensuring a safe product for consumers by identifying, analyzing, and controlling all conceivable biological, chemical, allergenic, and physical hazards associated with the receiving, storage, processing, and dispatch of finished goods.

Occupational Safety & Health Policy

TORK NUTRIGO PRIVATE LIMITED is committed to ensuring the health and safety of its staff, workers, contractors, suppliers, visitors, and other stakeholders through an effective health and safety management system. The company consults with staff, workers, contractors, and other stakeholders to enhance the effectiveness of the health and safety management system. It provides appropriate awareness training, information, instruction, and new advanced safety devices with high-technology machinery to ensure the performance of competent operators, supervisors, engineers, and administrative staff. The company will meet these commitments by providing necessary resources and adopting a risk-based approach (hazard identification and risk assessment), safe work practices and procedures, which comply with the legal requirements of all ordinances, acts, regulations, and other statutory provisions governing occupational health and safety. Health and safety objectives are established to maintain and continually improve health and safety at the factory, ensuring proactive injury management and minimizing reportable accidents. The established integrated management system involves top-to-bottom level management, including workers‘ participation, and ensures that all expected safety standard areas are covered by assigning duties and responsibilities for each employee. The company also introduces emergency response and action plans and ensures effective communication through conducting awareness training and drills to assure employees of job security and the continual operation of the factory without any disasters or delays. Furthermore, the company is committed to the well-being and sustainability of its employees by providing insurance coverage under the workmen compensation procedure for any disablement.


" TORK NUTRIGO PRIVATE LIMITED recognizes and maintains its business in compliance with required environmental laws, continually improving environmental performance to reduce the environmental impacts of its operations, activities, and products.".

Within the framework of our Environmental Management System, we commit to:

  • Identifying materials, processes, products, and wastes that cause or may cause pollution, and implementing measures to avoid, reduce, and prevent pollution while protecting the environment.
  • Complying with applicable environmental laws, regulations, codes of practice, and other environmental requirements to which the company subscribes. To achieve and maintain compliance, we will develop and maintain management systems for identifying relevant requirements and monitoring the performance of related activities.
  • Continually enhancing and improving the Environmental Management System to ensure that it is appropriate and effective in helping us achieve our environmental goals.
  • Monitoring all environmental aspects and standardizing each activity.

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